feoda Fusion

Understand your current financial status in real-time, at a single glance. Role based dashboards, integrated planning tools and single-click reports give your finance department the ability to make rapid, informed decisions based on a single source of truth. Respond to changing circumstances with agility by assembling budgets, forecasts and projections as soon as they're needed. feoda's baked-in governance also ensures audit-ready compliance along the way.




feoda and the Underlying NetSuite platform provide a flexible, low maintenance foundation for your schools’ ongoing transformation.


Single System

Using feoda and NetSuite to unify your environment, accounting and finance management on one system establishes a single source of truth: one set of data and one system to manage, instead of three.


Integrate other applications with feoda and NetSuite at your own pace, using NetSuite’s API’s and app building tools.


Coupled with the high ROI in effort afforded by feoda’s automation capabilities, unlocks the door to ongoing improvements.

Supporting your school's transformation.



See how our finance management solution can transform your school.

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