feoda Flow

Connect with future student families and nurture your engagements, from initial contact through to enrolment. Manage every step of the prospective student journey, using intuitive dashboards and a centralised system that captures all the information along the way.

Whether it’s applications, assessments or events, we make it easy for you.



Interviews, evaluations and agreements

Schedule pre-admission interviews and prioritise applicants based on predefined criteria. Send out batch offers to enrol and accept online deposit payments.


Pre-admission interviews

Take notes during scheduled interviews that are stored in the same relationship management system you use to track every step of your engagement with parents. Stay paper free with mobile friendly calendaring and invitations.

Student assessment

Let Feoda take the heavy lifting out of prioritising student applications. Our rules-based engine can flag parent alumni and sibling students, high graduation scores, geographical location and any other data you capture in your application forms.

Batch Enrolment Offers

Generate and send personalised offers to enrol to multiple families with just a couple of clicks. Parents can accept or decline online, and their response is reflected in the registrar’s enrolment dashboard

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